Radikala Östermalmare nominated for "The Comedy Awards"


Film director Titus Paar

Pontus is an amazing actor, work with him and you´ll see how he makes your movie better. Very good supporting actor as well that doesn´t try to outshine his co-cast, very important.
Titus Paar

Mixed reel with subtitles



Sommaren med släkten

Sveriges bästa svensk 2

Dir: Marcus Ovnell ; Star: Hassan Brijany; Supporting Actor

Just like you

Andreas Thelander UCLA exam film
Feature Film
Supporting Actor

Ashes to Ashes

By Harold Pinter; Polar Eclipse Theatre



Actor, husband, father, cat owner, kickboxer. Not necessarily in that order.


Height: 183cm (6ft)
Weight: 75kg (165 pounds)
Hair: Dark blonde
Eyes: Blue
Age: Playing age 30-40 years (born -75)

Special skills

Boxing, kickboxing
Cello, advanced level
Certified teacher
NIDA master classes, Australia
National Acting School, Australia
Meisner technique, Australia/Sweden
Method acting, Australia
On-camera workshops, Australia